DevRel Salon № 8

When: Wednesday, 30 May, 18h30

Where: Chez Josephine, 6 place du marché Sainte-Catherine

Join us for Printemps et Peut Être Pétanque à Paris. Enjoy some quiet terrace space in the sweet weather of Paris's spring, social time with colleagues, and maybe we'll even throw heavy objects competitively. Of course there will be plenty of shop talk and networking with cool members of the DevRel community. Spots are limited, so be sure to RSVP!

Please RSVP. We'll be there waiting for you.

❧ A Call to Action ❧

You practice developer relations or developer marketing. Perhaps you’ve been doing it for a while, and want to share stories. Perhaps you are new and aren’t yet sure what it is you do. Either way, you have a story to share, and an urge to hear the stories of others. Same here; I’ve got a lot of questions, and a lot of stories.

Let’s you and me and the others do something together.

But not a meetup.

’Cause what the world needs now
is another tech meetup
like I need a hole in my head

So let’s not. Let’s do something else instead. This is Paris—let’s do something more egalitarian, something…I don’t know, Parisian.

Like a salon. The salons of 17th and 18th century Paris were the most important forum for intellectual discourse of the era, and were the primary conduit for the Renaissance from Italy to the rest of Western Europe. This sounds fun.

What would a modern-day salon look like? More like an unconference. No fixed schedule, no lineup of speakers with prepared talks. Instead, we’ll come with topics that have been on our minds of late, and find people who want to discuss them.

There might be a topic of the month. There will be places to sit in quiet conversation with your peers, and meet new people. There will absolutely be a chance for you to be heard, and for you to learn from others, regardless of your ability or desires to get up in front of a room and speak.

What do you think? Will you come join us?